PIK problems Sobyanin

The PIK Group continues to present “surprises” to the Moscow City Hall.

Photo: TASS

The Moscow Arbitration Court issued a decision that obliges the mayor’s office of the capital to recalculate the payment for changing the type of permitted use (VRI) of land on Lobnenskaya Street. On this site, the PIK group, where the main shareholder Sergei Gordeev is building the Dmitrovsky Park residential complex.

At the same time, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin recently criticized the PIK developer for undelivered facilities. After a new court decision, the company of Sergey Gordeev will be reduced the fee for changing the VRI by about a third in proportion to the reduction in the cadastral value of the site. This means that the capital’s budget will lose more than a billion rubles.

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Algorithm to reduce

One of the structures of PIK Group bought the land for development from Algorithm Project for 1.65 billion rubles. and is now building a residential complex there. Before selling the site, Algorithm managed to reduce its cadastral value from 3.2 billion rubles. to 2.1 billion rubles.

However, later, in November 2020, the Moscow City Hall increased the fee for the type of permission to use the plots. For developers who wanted to build, the amount was twice as high in the old city limits and eight times in New Moscow.

The disputed site on Lobnenskaya Street was originally intended for the operation of the 5th Central Military Clinical Hospital, but was changed in 2018, and housing was allowed to be built on the site. And in December 2020, the Department of City Property (DGI) of Moscow filed a lawsuit to recover 2.1 billion rubles. for changing the VRI of this section. But the court has not yet made a decision on this case, and the proceedings were suspended in October 2022.

The DGI reported that they did not agree with the court decision on the recalculation of the fee for changing the VRI.

According to experts, this is the first such decision of the court, which could provoke a series of similar lawsuits from landowners and developers. It turns out that the authorities will have to revise the funds in the formation of the treasury, and this may lead to cuts in social programs. It should be noted that, taking into account inflation, the costs of the city’s main social programs have already decreased when planning the budget. The programs of “development of communal engineering structures”, “social support” and “health care” have especially “lost weight”.

PEAK is not joy

Not so long ago, Gordeev’s company “went in favorites” at the Moscow mayor’s office, but recently a flurry of criticism has fallen upon it. So, Sobyanin said that the capital would break off cooperation with PIK if he continued to miss the construction deadlines. This happened during his visit to the residential complex “Lublin Park”, where the company has already handed over 200 thousand square meters. m of housing, while the kindergarten is still not working, and the school has not been put into operation.

And in 2018, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov, criticized the work of the PIK-Comfort management company during a meeting of the regional government. The head of the Moscow region commented on the lack of hot water in Elektrougli near Moscow.

“If the company sabotages the work, expel them once and for all – period,” said then the head of the region Andrey Vorobyov.

It is noteworthy that at one time Gordeev was considered almost untouchable, because in the past he was a senator of the Federation Council, and since the time of the raider bacchanalia of Rosbuilding, he has been a member of many government offices. In 2018 alone, PIK received almost 50% of renovation orders, marking itself as a leader in this area. True, a year later, the group received significantly less funds – 6.5 billion rubles against 34.4 billion received in 2018. However, apparently PIK showed failed projects too many times and now fell out of favor with the authorities.

Sergey Gordeev. Photo: skyscrapercity.com

Do not call for a housewarming party

At the same time, PIK’s subsidiaries still have unfulfilled government contracts.

And here it is necessary to remember that back in December 2010, the “Specialized Developer” PIK-Region “signed six contracts with the FSB, for the amount of more than 1.1 billion rubles. Funds for 231 apartments were allocated from the federal budget. That’s just their housing security officials Such indicators are not surprising for PIK-Region, because in general, out of 110 contracts concluded with various departments, even half have not been executed.

It is surprising that Gordeev’s company was able to “shod” even the security forces, what can we say about ordinary equity holders then? However, the story of the unsurrendered apartments affected not only the FSB department, but also the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In the same ill-fated 2010, PIK-Region entered into 11 agreements with FKU UKS EMERCOM of Russia for the supply of apartments for 294 million rubles. Until now, all of them are in the execution stage.

Add here the fact that Gazprom’s TGC-1 also cannot wait until Mayak LLC (owned by PIK-Resource and PIK -Comfort”), will provide her with services for the collection of receivables.

PIK of complaints

Suffer from the developer and ordinary citizens. Thus, activists on the air of the 360TV channel allegedly stated that the businessman “raider” seized the square in Kuntsevo and built high-rise buildings. Local residents went to unauthorized protests, but achieved nothing – the PIK guards dispersed them, some public figures were detained.

The flow of complaints about the quality of housing is increasing year by year: flooded apartments, breaking elevators, leaking plumbing, missing soundproofing, etc. appear in them. Among the most problematic objects are the residential complex “Capital meadows”, where apartments are regularly flooded during heavy rains, as well as the Green Park residential complex, which was repeatedly flooded with boiling water.

We also note the fact that at the end of 2021, the net loss of PIK-Comfort amounted to 814 million rubles. As for the head PIK, it is in no hurry at all to provide information on its finances this year. At the same time, in the same year, Sergey Gordeev left the post of CEO of PIK, which he had held since 2014. Formally, he transferred only the operational management of the business, now planning to “deal with issues of corporate governance and strategic development, including new technological areas.”

The situation with the fact that now the Moscow City Hall shouldrecalculate the payment for changing the type of permitted use (VRI) of land on Lobnenskaya Street proves that PIK grabs at any straw to save money, but at the same time, such a move can finally break the once “warm” relationship with Sergei Sobyanin. After all, as a result, through the efforts of Gordeev, the capital will receive less finance to the budget, and not a single effective mayor will forgive such mistakes.

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