Eight insects, which really should be afraid. Photo

"ВосемьThey carry dangerous diseases.

8. African army ants

Army ants move across Africa, eating everything alive in its path. Their venom turns flesh, muscle and tendons in the liquid.

As a rule, they are not dangerous to humans, as people rarely get in the way of migration of these insects. But for those who still catches, faces a terrible death.

During the colonization of Kenya, for example, there were cases of death of infants from biting ants nomads.

If you freeze these ants because of their weak vision can crawl right by you and not notice. But if you move …


7 . Fire ants


Fire ants led to the death of about 80 people in the United States. They cause damage is about $ 5bn. per year, including treatment, repair, and control populations.

6. Bees


From the bites of “Africanized” killer bees (a hybrid of African bees with various species of bees commonly used in Europe) are killed each year around 40 people.

In 2002, Professor of beekeeping the College of agriculture and natural resources Delaware state University, claims that in 1990 in the United States to the death resulted in 11 bites of these insects.

Last year in an interview with CBS News experts from the University of Illinois said that every year on average there are about 40 fatal attacks of these bees.

5. Japanese giant hornet


Giant Japanese hornet – an insect the size of a large adult human finger. The length of his sting is six millimeters, and the venom dissolves the flesh of humans and animals. This hornet on average, kills 40 people a year.

An entomologist from the University of Tamagawa (near Tokyo), Masato It was bitten by a giant hornet and, fortunately, survived. In an interview with National Geographic compared bite with a hot nail, which is hammered into the leg.

4 Chagas Disease and kissing bugs


Triatomine bugs known as bedbugs killer, kissing bugs and bedbugs conusance.

As many as 8 million people are infected with Chagas disease, or American trypanosomiasis, distributors are triatomine bugs. The bite of this bloodsucking bug called “kiss”.

Pososat the blood of man, the bug defecates close to the bite. With faeces in the wound and then into the blood, gets the parasite, which can cause irreversible damage to internal organs.

In 2008, according to the world health organization (who) from this disease died 11 thousand people.

3. The Tsetse Fly


The Tsetse fly is a carrier of the deadly human and animal sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis). Who estimates that, since 1996 from this disease die every year about 20 thousand people.

2. Fleas


Fleas are the spreaders of the plague. Along with the rats were the main sources of epidemics in the Middle ages. Fleas can spread the plague among rats, and also transmit the deadly disease from rats to man.

According to who, people who are bitten by infected fleas, can develop bubonic plague, which can develop into pneumonic plague if the bacteria reach the lungs. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage (bubonic plague), it can be successfully treated with antibiotics. And pneumonic plague is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases; a person can die 24 hours after infection.

1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the distributors of malaria. According to who estimates, every year there are 219 million cases of malaria and 660 thousand deaths.

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